Fold Up the Flag!

COLUMBIA, SC - JUNE 23: A sign equates the confederate flag with the nazi flag as people attend a protest in support of a confederate flags removal from the South Carolina capitol grounds on June 23, 2015 in Columbia, South Carolina. The South Carolina governor Nikki Haley asked that the flag be removed after debate over the flag flying on the capitol grounds was kicked off after nine people were shot and killed during a prayer meeting at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

The Confederate Flag is the source of much contention.

Some say it’s about heritage, not hate or dissension.

 I respect an American’s freedom of expression.

But to me, the flag is a symbol of racism and oppression.

Let’s examine the flag’s true history.

Many of those who’ve waved it supported the institution of slavery.

There was a period of our history called Reconstruction,

When free Black men took seats of authority.

But in the background, the Klan flew the flag, you see.

They hid behind the flag and white hoods, to cover up their devilment.

Burning and lynching was how their nights were spent.

here was another period of Jim Crow Laws.

“Segregation now, and forever” was George Wallace’s cause.

The flag was raised by this man’s supporters,

While they shouted the ‘N’ word at those of darker colors.

Let’s fast forward to our present day.

The issue is black and white, not some shade of grey.

Into a church a young man came one Wednesday night.

He’d shown the flag on social network sites.

He took the lives of 9 souls that mattered.

Not for heritage, but because of hate, their blood was splattered.

My fellow Americans, fold up the flag, it has no place.

But only in the annals of museum space.

It does not stand for our democracy. It wreaks of hatred and hypocrisy.

Lest we forget our nation’s total history.

Christ died for all; He came to set us free.

He set me free from Satan’s tyranny.

God, please heal the sick and cause the blind to see.