Crime Scene Tape: From Homicide to Hope

Crime scene tape is yellow in color.

Someone’s been murdered; another brother!

In cities across the USA,

The young have fallen; they’ve gone astray!

Chalk lines outline where a body was laid.

A little too late, no doctor could aid.

A mother just lost the son she conceived.

A father has lost his girl, so he grieves.

This often results from really bad choices.

They were led astray by some negative voices.

Can you hear their blood crying out?

No words will come from the victim’s mouth.

Another life has been tragically wasted.

The cause of death has been clearly stated.

But where’s the hope for those who remain?

Can they move beyond their emotional pain?

There is a Savior who sits on high,

For all our sins, he bled and died.

The perfect Lamb of God was He,

No fault or blemish, He died for me.

The One who came from Mary’s womb,

Was placed inside a borrowed tomb.

A few days later, He rose from the grave.

By grace through faith, lost souls can be saved.

New life, new hope to all He brings,

I’m praising the Lord, Let freedom ring!

Today, He sits at God’s right hand.

He pleads my case, there’s no witness stand.

If your heart is heavy, let me recommend,

The One on whom you Showbox APKcan always depend.

He’s coming back for the Body of Christ,

If you’ve heard it once, this counts as twice.

The Christian has a seat, reserved in heaven,

A place of bliss, that is truly pleasant.

No more suffering, and no more pain,

There’s a crown of life for me to claim.

So, next time you see some crime scene tape,

Remember who died in the sinner’s place.

Receive Him today, He will save your soul,

If your heart feels empty, He can fill the hole.